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I'm just a dude that talks about Castle a lot.

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Does anyone else totally forget there is one more scene at the end of “Always” after Castle and Beckett walk towards the bedroom.



Every time I watch the episode I find myself going “oh yeah, forgot that was there and that we were supposed to care.” Caskett becoming canon blinded me to everything else.

I never forget it, but I feel like a lot of people do. Because Season four actually ends with Smith getting tortured, and Beckett’s life under threat. Under any other circumstances, it ‘d be considered a pretty dark cliffhanger ending.

^ This. Don’t get me wrong, the relationship between Castle and Beckett is the beating heart of the series and the biggest reason to watch it, but it certainly isn’t the only thing that matters. I think a lot of people (particularly tumblr people!) forget that. That’s why it irks me when I see things like this, or when people say that we “didn’t get enough Caskett” in such-and-such episode because the “boring” procedural stuff and other story elements got in the way. Not to mention the importance of the minor characters, something the show has legitimately been lacking lately.

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Sorry ‘Castle’ …



… but my Columbus Blue Jackets will be playing Game 3 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs next Monday night. If the game runs long, I’ll have no choice but to DVR you. :P

And my SJ Sharks will not be playing, so I will be watching. See? My team is so much more considerate than yours… ;)

Well, we’re playing Pittsburgh. If it goes to a Game 6 then I’ll be in the same boat for the next episode, but I have a sinking feeling the CBJ are going to be considerate and not make it that far! Still, here’s hoping!